Beginner Lash Kit

Beginner Lash Kit

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If you are looking to start a career in the lash industry successfully all the products you absolutely need and more are in this kit. If you’re a lash trainer you will be saving on product with our kits being worth $300+

What’s included in the lash kit? 

•Practice lashes 

•Lash adhesive (1-2 sec)low fume black 

•4 volume trays 2 classic 

•Cream remover 

•Tweezer cleaner 

•1 Volume tweezer 1 Isolation tweezer 

•Sensitive tape 

•Lash shampoo

•Lash bonder 

•1 pack of glue rings 

•Lip applicators (50 pack)

•1 pack of Micro applicators 

•1 pack of mascara wands